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Article: Camellia Japonica Oil: Nature’s Answer to Fuller, Plumper Lips

Camellia Japonica Oil: Nature’s Answer to Fuller, Plumper Lips

Camellia Japonica Oil: Nature’s Answer to Fuller, Plumper Lips

For centuries, Camellia Japonica Oil has been a treasured beauty secret—revered for its ability to preserve youth and radiance. Even amidst modern science, it is still considered one of the most potent ingredients for slowing signs of aging and restoring vitality. It is a multitasking miracle worker packed with fatty acids, antioxidants and essential vitamins that help to preserve the suppleness of skin. Discover why Camellia Japonica Oil is a hero ingredient that sets Abaci Lip Balm apart from the rest...

Native to the Himalayas, evergreen camellia shrubs grow naturally, covering most of southern and eastern Asia and stretching as far as Indonesia and Japan. There are over two hundred and fifty varieties of recognized camellia species, the most famous being Camellia sinensis the tea tree—whose leaves are used to produce most caffeinated teas, including black tea, white tea, oolong tea and green tea. Another popular variety, Camellia olifeirahas been widely used in cooking and cosmetics in the Eastern world for years and has recently caught the spotlight in Western skincare products too for its anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic properties. But, the most precious and powerful is Camellia japonica (or Tsubaki in Japanese) whose seeds can be pressed to create a superior oil, cherished for its ability to transform skin and hair.

An Ancient Treasure

Camellia oil has been considered a lavish indulgence in Japanese high society for centuries. In fact, its first known record appeared in the 8th century when Japanese Emperor Kōnin presented it to the Balhae ambassador as a luxury gift, along with gold, pearls and mercury. It made another appearance in one of the world’s most ancient books—the Japanese 11th century literary classic: The Tale of Genji, where the beautiful women of the court used camellia oil to preserve the vitality and radiance of their skin and hair.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife and keen garden enthusiast, Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais is credited for importing Camellia japonica to France in the 18th century. She filled the gardens of her grand estate Malmaison with rare and exotic plants from around the world, but it was the camellia that soon became the it flower of Europe. Soon, Camellia japonica became synonymous with sophistication and luxury—ultimately captivating Gabrielle Chanel and becoming one of the most recognizable motifs in her timeless designs.

The Science Behind The Oil

Aside from its obvious beauty, Camellia japonica is far more than just ornamental, as its seeds can be pressed to produce an extraordinary and powerful oil.

Camellia japonica is one of the few botanicals proven to safely induce the production of collagen—touted as a natural anti-wrinkle ingredient.

It is a rich source of antioxidants that fiercely protects against free radicals (unstable molecules that can result in damage to cells) and contains a high percentage of oleic acid and Vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

Oleic acid itself is packed with fatty acids and has been shown to have a calming effect when applied topically, leaving lips nourished and visibly radiant. Camellia oil actually has a similar structural composition to olive oil. Both are rich in oleic and linoleic acids, which help to rejuvenate dry skin and replenish moisture, but Camellia japonica oil is able to penetrate much deeper into the skin, making it fast-absorbing and most importantly, non-greasy.

Vitamin A encourages healthy skin cell production, while Vitamin D supports the growth and repair of the new cells. Vitamin E has also been proven to help skin retain moisture, making it softer, smoother and less prone to fine lines.

The Results

Camellia japonica gives you plump, fuller lips that feel supple and nourished. Our sustainably-sourced, potent and organic Camellia japonica oil combined with our other exquisite ingredients creates a lip balm experience unlike any other. Abaci Lip Balm incorporates the highest quality organic ingredients for lips that are visibly plump, smooth and revitalized.

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