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Organic Botanicals

Abaci Lip Balm is packed with luxuriously nourishing organic botanicals—each carefully selected for its unique benefits in soothing and plumping delicate skin. Here are just a few of the ingredients that make our Lip Balm truly one-of-a-kind. View all ingredients here.

Camellia Japonica Oil

Origin: Japan

Native to Japan, the best-known specie of this globally adored flower is Camellia sinensis, the tea tree, which was first brought to Europe in the 17th Century to form the japonica variety. This precious oil has a high concentration of oleic acid—far more than olive oil—that helps to keep skin soft and supple. Containing vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Camellia japonica oil has been proven to help stimulate collagen.

Kukui Nut Oil

Origin: Hawaii

With the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, this powerful oil delivers nourishing fatty acids leaving your lips rejuvenated from within. It is even more effective when paired with hyaluronic acid.

Prickly Pear Oil

Origin: Morocco

This highly precious oil is amongst the rarest and most coveted oils thanks in part to its reputation as theelixir of youth. It has the highest concentration of Vitamin E, which conditions lips while also providing anti-inflammatory and barrier protection properties. It also rich in fatty and amino acids which help to plump lips and improve elasticity. 

Pomegranate Oil

Origin: Turkey

Rich essential omega acids that hold in moisture, pomegranate oil is a highly potent moisturizer for your delicate lips. It’s also packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants.

Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Origin: USA

We chose the delicate scent of fresh-cut oranges for Abaci Lip Balm—thoughtfully chosen to transport you to the sweet aromas of the Mediterranean. We use organic cold-pressed sweet orange essential oil, which does not contain any photosensitization compounds. This deliciously tangy and zesty oil is often used in aromatherapy as it is said to be uplifting and inspire a positive outlook.