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Article: Simple Self-Care Tips for a Busy Schedule

Simple Self-Care Tips for a Busy Schedule

Simple Self-Care Tips for a Busy Schedule

As you balance the demands of the fast-paced world we all live in today, we know it can be a challenge to incorporate daily self-care or provide your skin with the care it needs. Here are a few simple tips to help calm your mind and give your skin some love, even when your busy schedule takes priority.

Staying Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this one before, and for good reason. Proper hydration lends itself to a variety of health benefits, from supporting your body’s natural detoxification systems to contributing to high-quality sleep. In fact, your normal skin physiology functions best the more you hydrate.

Higher daily water input sets the foundation for generating the glow your skin deserves. Staying hydrated from the inside out is key to boosting overall skin health and easy to integrate into your busy schedule.

A Minimal but Effective Skincare Routine

We always opt for a minimal approach to skincare—less is more. Hence why we created a multi-use Lip Balm that locks-in hydration for the duration of the day and minimizes the need for other lip care products.

Additionally, a good cleanser and nutritive moisturizer is all you need for an effective skincare routine. For us, double-cleansing is non-negotiable; once to remove makeup, dirt and excess oils and the second time to reap the benefits of your targeted cleanser. Make time for yourself with this simple five-minute ritual for glowing skin.

The Power of a Balanced Diet

Like drinking plenty of water, committing to a balanced diet can work wonders on both your skin and your mood. Experts call the gut the "second brain" since it communicates directly with the brain to alert of any microbiome imbalances that could potentially cause diseases or even affect mental health.

A generous blend of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fatty fish (or alternative proteins) packs essential nutrients that nurture a vibrant, healthy-looking complexion. Kale Junkie is one of our favorite food bloggers for adding easy whole-food recipes into busy lives.

UV Protection Preparation

Exposure to sunshine is a proven mood-booster—accompanied by a safe, non-toxic mineral sunscreen, of course.

To avoid sun damage and promote long-term skin health, incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine is imperative and as easy as ever. Sunscreen-infused moisturizers and similar multitasking products are perfect time-saving remedies when you’re constantly on the go.

Inhale, Exhale

Stress is an inherent part of our busy lives. Taking time to reflect and decompress not only relieves mental tension but also offers an array of beauty benefits.

A steady focus on mindfulness helps regulate stress hormones that can trigger flare-ups and breakouts, ultimately paving the way toward clear skin and a calm mind. Remember to take a few minutes to breathe. A simple inhale, exhale can work wonders to recalibrate and recenter.

A Quick Temple Massage

You can dab some Abaci Lip Balm on your fingertips and delicately apply pressure to your temples in a J-shaped circular motion. Begin with a light stroke and increase to a firmer press that you can hold for a few seconds at the end of the movement.

Enhance the massage by beginning the motion between your brows. As an added benefit, you can tame flyaways into place. Celebrity makeup artist Jenna Menard shows you how in this quick Abaci multi-use tutorial.

This technique can alleviate muscle tension that leads to headaches and migraines, reduce puffiness and provide a moment of needed relief in the midst of another busy day.

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