Prickly Pear Benefits: The Holy Grail Oil for All Skin Types

With a name like Prickly Pear, this exotic cactus sounds like something you wouldn’t want anywhere near your lips. But, to overlook this hydration superstar would be a mistake. Amidst the thorns lies a miracle plant that sprouts beautiful orange-red flowers and vibrant fruits, packed with a myriad of benefits for your skin.

There’s a delicate line in conscious consumption: you want the very best for your skin, but with all the scrumptious botanicals to choose from, it’s so difficult to meet the one. On top of that, our approach to our own skin is deeply personal and we really tend to focus on specific concerns—even if that’s just daily maintenance. But, across all ages and skin types, there is one common goal we all share: achieving bouncy, dewy and long-lasting radiance.

For years, the spotlight has shone on coconut and argan as the do-it-all oils. Slathered on to fix all hosts of problems—and for the most part, quite rightly so—as both provide significant skin benefits. But, it’s time to make way for a superior everything oil and the holy grail skincare ingredient: Prickly Pear.

What is Prickly Pear?

Prickly Pear—sometimes known as Opuntia or Nopal—is a cactus native to the Americas, but has since been dispersed to other deserts across the world. It has grown for more than 5,000 years and its fibrous, vitamin-rich fruits have long since been a source of nourishment. It even reached superfood status for its anti-inflammation benefits.

Often the most nutrient-dense ingredients are those that grow in extreme conditions and cacti are no exception. In the dry, arid desert, water is so scarce that cacti have adapted to survive in ways other plants cannot. Their thick stems and waxy skin allow them to retain any water or antioxidants they can pull from the ground or the few and far between rainwater trickles, which sustain them throughout their year. The inner jelly-like gel (think aloe) is packed with amino acids, lipids and vitamins—and Prickly Pear is just about the most antioxidant-dense cactus there is.

So, just imagine all the reparative and occlusive (locked-in hydration) benefits it can provide for your skin.

How Does Prickly Pear Benefit Skin?

A better question would be how doesn’t it benefit skin—and all skin at that. A super hydrator, prickly pear is often deemed the elixir of youth due to its high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants help to repair already-damaged cells and protect against further skin damage from environmental factors. It is extremely high in natural antioxidant vitamin E, which is especially effective for nourishment and protection. In fact, it contains triple the amount of vitamin E than argan oil and is a much more sustainable crop.

Since it’s especially rich in amino acids—the skin’s building blocks—prickly pear oil can help to stimulate collagen. In short, this exquisite fruit oil protects against free radicals, increases cell turnover and promotes elasticity—all essential benefits for smooth, plump and healthy skin—and therefore lips.

And unlike many other oils, prickly pear oil is non-comedogenic and antibacterial, which means it can penetrate deeply without clogging pores and help to soothe inflamed skin. Therefore solidifying our point that it truly is the oil for everyone.

Given all its wondrous benefits for skin, it should come as no surprise that prickly pear oil is one of our most prized ingredients. Abaci Lip Balm leverages all its antioxidant and vitamin properties and seals them in to ensure your lips can take full advantage of prickly pear’s many benefits for deeply nourished, soft lips.

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Stacey T.